[Oxygen] The Refugia Minecraft Server

Started by Luca, November 07, 2019, 03:36:24 PM

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Aw, thank you for your hard work, Luca ^.^

Em, do you mean an underwater temple, cuz yeah: 3965,62,94

Hopefully I wrote the coordinates right.


Hey I'm back! The biodome is located to the North-West of the community center!
I am currently working on an extension to it as well!


And now it's done!
A couple pictures to get the scale in. The old biodome is in the background, to show you the difference!


It's so frikkin pretty!!! Would totally host a party there! ^.^


During the time that I'm /away from a desktop (because I will need to build a new one), let me know if anything bad happens with the server. I still have access to the console if anything breaks.


I paved a road between Leeva's and the Stamp Society, and I also built a blue rock foundation snow shelter in the sky.