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[Oxygen] The Refugia Minecraft Server

Started by Luca, November 07, 2019, 03:36:24 PM

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Hello! This didn't have a topic yet, so here's another thread for your Minecraft needs.

As of September 13th, 2019 there's a CalRef Minecraft server again!

This server runs our custom modpack called Refugia and in this three thousand word essay, I will explain how. Step one, download the technic launcher, which solves everyone's problems forever. You can get it here. When you launch Technic, type "Refugia" into the search bar and click install. If you get an error message that talks about incompatibility issues, make sure you're on the latest version of the modpack

Because Technic's a bitch.

When you launch game, click multiplayer and type into the address bar.

Let me know if you have any trouble getting this working. If there are any updates to the server or the modpack, I'll let you know in this thread. Also, you can talk about the server here (obvs). I will eventually be building a photo album of all of the places that we have been to and made in this server. So if you want those pictures to be included, post them in this thread. You can attach up to five images to the attachment function of the forum, or just link them here from somewhere else.


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Hello friends and fellow oxygeneers.

I was wondering how hard it would be to add additional mods to this pack. I have a couple of suggestions but I'm not tied to any of them necessarily. I just think they're interesting additions and could help with designs (also I finally figured out what I want to build and having these things would make it much easier lol).

My suggestions are Harvestcraft, which is a mod for growing and cooking with new crops. They have a lot of vegetarian options that are filling and awesome, as well as coffee beans so I can make you all espresso drinks (including lattes with soy milk). Project Red, which has a lot of power generation and lighting options. I'm interested in the lighting mostly, which I think can be used to create fun building designs. Barrels, which adds barrels and liquid drums to the game so we can store resources in a more fashionable fashion. And finally, a furniture mod that can allow us some more flexibility.

Again, I'm not tied to any of these, but I was considering making a food generation empire area and a little restaurant/cafe for us to all hang out at, possibly while we take a break from our all-consuming work at the stamp factory.


Quote from: Valkyrie on November 08, 2019, 03:49:28 PM
Project Red, which has a lot of power generation and lighting options. I'm interested in the lighting mostly, which I think can be used to create fun building designs.

I don't think it would be a good idea to add this mod. In cases where a new mod adds new ores or other natural resources, they don't spawn in areas that are already in the game. And, although we've reset things a couple times to get BOP to work, we've explored extensively since then. Also, Project Red adds an additional type of copper and tin, which is incompatible with the Forestry copper and tin that we already have.

Pam's Harvestcraft doesn't seem to add any resource blocks to the world, although I'm not really sure where the new seeds for plants would come from. If they come from villagers, you'll need to travel for a bit to a new village that will have the buildings to but them, but there's nothing wrong with adding plants and food recipes.

The furniture mod looks fine, I believe. At least I don't see any conflicts that it would have. I'm concerned that the barrel mod's huge storage space is possibly overpowered, but really I've never seen it before.


That makes total sense. I hadn't actually looked into what else it added.

I would like to retract my request for Project Red, which I'd only wanted for the lighting options, and replace it with two mods that are more specific in their additions: Modern Lights and Fairy Lights. I love the latter and would settle for it.

Harvestcraft's seeds come from plant collective entities that spawn in the world. You just find them, break them, and voila many seeds. I'm more than ready to go looking for them myself and bringing them back to plant. Once I have the seeds growing, I can give anyone else who's interested a seed with which to start their own garden.


May I also recommend rustic? It allows you to brew various beverages, grow a couple new crops, and adds new functional furniture.
Also in terms of harvest craft, it adds a new block that can be used to trade for the various seeds in the mod!



I had an idea I'd like your thoughts on.

Sometimes I either don't know where to find something, or don't have the exploration spirit to go get it (or it's hard to get and I'm a beautiful pansy~)

So it would be nice if there was a request section for players to put in the things they want/need so when people go explorating they can have that stuff in mind.

I don't know if it would be better to have a request section here or in game or both or at all, but anyway, thought I'd bring it up.


I think it's a great idea :) is there anything you need from me, like supplies or materials?

Also where do you want to put it


Quote from: Rea on November 17, 2019, 11:08:01 PMI don't know if it would be better to have a request section here or in game or both or at all, but anyway, thought I'd bring it up.
Both or either one seem fine to me.

Mostly I've been working on backend stuff, so I'm more likely to see a post on the forum than I am to see something in-game, but I know that's not true for everyone. Do you think it would be helpful to have a part of the Stamp Society post room for conveying stuff between players from their requests?

Unrelated, I'm planning on adding Pam's Harvestcraft within the next several days. Prepare for things to break  :upsidedown:


Quote from: Wisdom on November 18, 2019, 07:02:03 AMUnrelated, I'm planning on adding Pam's Harvestcraft within the next several days.
Plernts  :heppy:



I think it might be helpful to have an ingame place, but we can start with just the forum. I don't honestly know how much the room would be used and I'd hate to take up space?

@Kyrie, I'm actually just looking for some fish and lily pads for my pond xD

EDIT: I guess an in game place would be good for deliveries?

I mean my house is pretty small so you can put potentially anything in there . . .


Quote from: Wisdom on November 18, 2019, 07:02:03 AM
Unrelated, I'm planning on adding Pam's Harvestcraft within the next several days. Prepare for things to break  :upsidedown:
That is happening now. The server will be down for some time as I made backups, upgrades, and remember my technic password. I will return with an update when I'm done.


I had some issues getting this mod to play nice with the other ones, but it's at a point right now where everything seems to be working, aside from the fact that certain doors are now classified as redstone items, which is definitely not telling of something going wrong in the distant future nod nod nod nod.

Among other issues, Harvestcraft adds another instance of bees, which conflicts with Forestry bees. It's not possible for me to remove these from the mod, but I have set the chance of them spawning to 0%. They will clutter the NEI, but not actually impact the game. If you notice any errors relating to these updates, notify me.

The Refugia modpack has been updated to 1.02 with the addition of Pam's Harvestcraft. This is a mod that primarily adds foodstuffs and vegetation. You can find out more by visiting the ftb wiki articles. In order to join the server, your local modpack needs to match the server, so make sure that you have the latest modpack, 1.02 before launching. You may need to use the technic launcher to clear your current version if it doesn't do this for you, and press the join server button twice. New users will have this done for them.

For whatever reason, at some point in my testing my client preferences on lighting and being left-handed were cleared and tutorials showed up again. But that might just have been a bug for me.


Thank you for all this hard work, it's made me so happy to ride out and gather seed gardens ^-^

To anyone who might want their own seeds or plants but doesn't want to travel several kilometres to do so, I have a market block set up at my construction site. I will eventually have plenty of seeds to give out, but right now I'm a bit low. The market block requires 1 emerald per seed or 3 emeralds per sapling (for trees that grow crops of their own).

Emerald donations are also appreciated so I can eventually have at least one of everything.


A donation of five emeralds has been left at the construction site, representing the majority of Cherry Vale's emerald stores.

It's not like I was doing anything with them :P

Also! I see the skyrail is being constructed! Looks wonderful!


Quote from: mads on November 20, 2019, 02:07:58 PMAlso! I see the skyrail is being constructed! Looks wonderful!
It looks kinda garish for now and I started building it in the wrong direction at first but I finally figured out how to make a station and omg I love moving at flying speeds instead of walking somewhere. :rofl:


@Kyrie, where in the heck do I get emeralds???


Not Kyrie, but I believe there is a village just to the east of your house that trades iron and coal for emeralds!


Thank you Maddie :heart:

You can also get emeralds through mining, though you can usually only find them in extreme hill biomes, like where my resource-gathering base has been.


Hey folkens!
I have located a stronghold and the portal to the End if the world. Would anyone be interested in assisting me in my quest to slay the dragon on the other side?