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Passed RRS Referendums

Started by Luca, November 26, 2019, 10:08:11 AM

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You Can Only Occupy One Seat In Both Musical Chairs And Refugia

PREAMBLE: Noticing that there is no provision for the event of a candidate running for multiple Councillor positions within Refugia;
Impressed by Lethodus' initiative in this area with their recent campaign Dax for Councillor of All Things;
Seeking clarity should this phenomenon occur again in future and a candidate should win in multiple seats;
Therefore enacts the following amendment:

13. Elections will consist of a one week candidacy period where an eligible Member State may declare their intent to stand for office, a one week voting period where all Member States may vote for their desired candidate, and a one week transition period to acclimate the incoming Councillor with their roles and responsibilities. Terms officially begin the 22nd day of February, June, and October.

a. Candidacy declarations must be given in one or more easily accessible areas as designated by the Arch-Administrator.
b. Residents must qualify as Member States as defined in RRS 4 to be eligible for candidacy.
c. Member States are prohibited from occupying more than one seat at any given time or occupying the same Council seat more than two times consecutively, however they are not prevented from running for more than one position for which they are eligible in the same election.
d. In the event of more than two valid candidates for a single seat, instant run-off voting will determine the winner, where candidates are ranked by preference on the ballot and eliminated by fewest votes during each round of ballot counting.
e. The election for each seat is resolved in favour of the candidate with the most votes at the final round of ballot counting.
f. In the case of a candidate running for multiple positions and winning more than one of these elections, their position will be decided as follows:
i. If one of the seats won by the Member State had only one candidate and the other(s) had multiple, the Member State that ran for multiple positions is automatically selected for the seat in which they were the sole candidate, with the other seat(s) going to the runner(s)-up.
ii. If the winning Member State was the sole candidate for all positions to which they were elected, or if there were multiple candidates for all positions to which they were elected, they shall declare a preference for the seat they would like to take, and the other seat(s) shall go to the runner(s)-up.
iii. Should the winning Member State fail to declare a preference for one of their successful seats within 3 days of the conclusion of the election, the Arch-Administrator may call a vote of the region to decide which seat they would prefer to see the Member State occupying.

g. In the event of unexpected absences or positions that cannot be filled, the Arch-Administrator may act in that position's capacity, or appoint an individual who may serve in that position's capacity until the following election produces a regular appointment.

Authored by: Tiralta
Seconded by: Araine
Quote from: LucaI maintain my assessment, sans Obama


You Have No Power Here

Whereas RRS 3 states that ejection notices must be publicly reported for Residents;
Whereas it is unclear if they must be published for banning non-residents;
Whereas embassy collector spam is dumb and we hate it;
Therefore enacts the following amendment:

RRS 3. The reasoning for all ejections of Residents must be publicly reported by the responsible party, and the ejected nation may appeal the ejection by soliciting a review to the Regional Council.
  • An appeal vote must be concluded within seven days or with all Councillors having voted.
  • An appeal vote is considered approved if it has less than two Against votes.
  • The banning of Non-Resident nations shall not require public reporting.

Authored by: A Million Dreams
Seconded by: Tiralta
Quote from: LucaI maintain my assessment, sans Obama


Proscription Drug Coverage

PREAMBLE. No notes.

RRS 16. Acknowledges a state of war between Refugia and's leadership of malefactors, and subsequently prohibits entities whose membership in the former was not gained before membership in the latter from residing, transiting, surveying, arriving, departing, living, or dying within the confines of the Region or its territories.
  • Violators will be subject to dissolution by alkahest at an arbitrary safe distance.

Authored by: Refuge Isle
Seconded by: Sylh Alanor
Quote from: LucaI maintain my assessment, sans Obama