Refugia News: Councillor of Operations Ignores Questions, Repeatedly Striking Brick with Hammer, Screaming "NO!"

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[draft] Recall: Falafelandia

Started by Luca, July 03, 2023, 12:30:36 PM

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Recall: Falafelandia, Councillor of Operations

Observing that Kifleeki, Resident and World Assembly member of Refugia, was ejected and barred from the Region on July 1st at four in the afternoon, Pacific Time, by Falafelandia, Refugia Councillor of Operations,

Witnessing that the Councillor, under RRS 3, stated that the Resident was barred "after a hateful profile in the Discord."

Recalling this is not a criterion of ejection or barring under RRS 2, that the regional chat server is under the jurisdiction of the Calamity Refuge Code of Conduct, not the Refugia Revised Statutes, that the Councillor of Operations is not a Calamity Refuge staff member at this time, and that a picture of an individual eating chicken does not constitute sufficient evidence for removal under the Code of Conduct either way,

Noting that appeal of this ban is currently improbable due to the practical context of a vote achieving quorum -- The Councillor of World Assembly Affairs is being filled on an interim basis by the Arch-Administrator, the Councillor of Foreign Affairs is on leave for an extended period of weeks, and the Councillor of Operations would be the subject of an RRS 3 appeal or an RRS 9(c/d) probe,

Aware that the Councillor removed all existing Wards from the Region upon entering office, shunning the protections and advice of the Region's most trusted and experienced security experts,

Aware that the Councillor has made statements in the past, depicting Refugia's Regional vote being the "third largest on the raider side", in flagrant disregard to the Region's legal and cultural status as a neutral region,

Aware that the Councillor has previously attempted to plagiarise The Admin Tower dispatch as an overview for The Brotherhood of Malice, where the Councillor holds foreign allegiance,

Finding, therefore, that the Councillor primarily seeks to use the Office to advance their external agendas, and displays gross incompetence regarding their duties within the Region, itself, and

Recalls the Councillor of Operations, initiating an RRS 10(b)(i) election, effective immediately.

Authored by: Refuge Isle
Seconded by: A Million Dreams


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