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[Passed] You Have No Power Here

Started by Aav, October 22, 2022, 10:00:27 PM

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You Have No Power Here

Whereas RRS 3 states that ejection notices must be publicly reported for Residents;
Whereas it is unclear if they must be published for banning non-residents;
Whereas embassy collector spam is dumb and we hate it;
Therefore enacts the following amendment:

RRS 3. The reasoning for all ejections of Residents must be publicly reported by the responsible party, and the ejected nation may appeal the ejection by soliciting a review to the Regional Council.
  • An appeal vote must be concluded within seven days or with all Councillors having voted.
  • An appeal vote is considered approved if it has less than two Against votes.
  • The banning of Non-Resident nations shall not require public reporting.

Authored by: A Million Dreams
Seconded by: Tiralta
Quote from: LucaI maintain my assessment, sans Obama


I like this, and am happy to second.
Good morning friends and foes


Quote from: LucaI maintain my assessment, sans Obama