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[passed] The Ultimate Evolution of the Shadow Council

Started by Luca, May 28, 2022, 12:11:21 AM

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The Ultimate Evolution of the Shadow Council


Aware that Refugia's regional security apparatus has been incomprehensibly vague and relied exclusively on the accessibility of the Councillor of Operations or Arch-Administrator, this document places restrictions on Residents' sleep, which is surely relevant and will certainly help. As the Region grows larger and the prospect of managing both threats and the necessity of their intervention increases, the Refugia Revised Statutes shall be amended to reflect the following modifications:

RRS 1. A nation which resides within the Region is defined as a "Resident" and maintains this status for the duration of its residency.
  • A Resident which is the proxy of another nation, and primarily exists within Refugia to accrue influence without community presence, is defined as a "Sleeper".

RRS 2. Resident may only be ejected or barred from the region in one of the following circumstances:
  • Unruly conduct, where the offending Resident has not been receptive to intervention.
  • Impending threat, where the Office of Operations determines the Resident poses a risk to the stability of Refugia or the security of its inhabitants.
  • Unregistered Sleeper, where the primary operator of a Sleeper has not declared the aims and ownership of that nation to the Office of Operations and Arch-Administrator.
  • The Resident expresses, aligns with, or otherwise represents fascism, hate speech, or intolerance.

RRS 3. The reasoning for all ejections of Residents must be publicly reported by the responsible party, and the ejected nation may appeal the ejection by soliciting a review to the Regional Council.
  • An appeal vote must be concluded within seven days or with all Councillors having voted.
  • An appeal vote is considered approved if it has less than two Against votes.

Statutes after this point are incremented by 1.

Government Roles and Responsibilities:
RRS 7(d). The Councillor of Operations, whose responsibilities are defined as directing the Office of Operations, identifying, resolving, or guarding against internal and external threats.
This Councillor shall:
  • Identify and respond as necessary to threats or crises which target or impact the Region.
  • Eject or bar Residents as necessary via Refugia's Border Control in an applicable circumstance of any subsection of RRS 2.
  • Develop Refugia's intelligence apparatus to the extent necessary to carry out the subsections of this statute.
  • Maintain a registry of Sleeper Residents and their respective controllers.
  • Appoint and dismiss "Wards", acting as staff for the Office of Operations, to carry out subsections of this statute as directed by the Office's Councillor.

Government Accountability:

RRS 9. All Residents within the Region have the right to solicit an official Regional ruling, opinion, or position from the Regional Council, and delivered by a representative thereof, on subjects of:
  • A Foreign Affairs policy, position, or perspective.
  • The status of a Member State.
  • Challenges regarding any ejection or barring of nations from the Region, where a majority of the Regional Council may reverse the action.
  • Challenges regarding the legality of activity by a Councillor or their staff, where a majority of the Regional Council may reverse the action.

RRS 10. At any time, a Member State can charge a Regional Councillor or Delegate of neglect in their duties or mismanagement of their position. Their charge will be submitted in writing to the Arch-Administrator only after a second member state has seconded the motion.

  • The charge must contain a list of grievances against the accused and arguments as to why these grievances should result in the removal of the accused prior to the next election.
  • If RRS 10(a) is met, the Arch-Administrator will call for a vote of No Confidence among the Member States, lasting five days, and decided by a simple majority.
    • If the No Confidence vote passes, the target Councillor is removed from office, a new election will immediately be called for that Councillor seat.
    • If the No Confidence vote is defeated, a standard RRS 5(c) cooldown is applied to the submitting Member State.

RRS 11. In the event that a Councillor or a Councillor's staff operates in contradiction to the RRS, the Arch-Administrator may suspend the powers of that Councillor or staff member until such time as it may be reviewed under a RRS 9 ruling, which is automatically invoked upon suspension.

Statutes after this point are additionally incremented by 1.

Authored by: Refuge Isle
Seconded by: Lac Champlain


I think this is a good solution. It's actually pretty specific for an issue that I initially thought might be hard to address easily legally.