[DRAFT] Governmental Preservation Accord

Started by mads, March 08, 2022, 02:52:12 PM

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Governmental Preservation Accord

PREAMBLE: This document proposes changes to member state status for council nations, and clarification on removal of membership, both to ensure the continuation of government in case of apocalypse, and to maintain that membership requirements are kept clear and concise.

1. RRS 3(a) shall be modified in the following manner:

3. Member States are defined as World Assembly Residents that have resided within the Region for a period not less than seven days.
[floatright]a. A Resident will lose its status as a Member State if it elects to depart the Region, its status is self-requested to be revoked, the Resident is ejected, or the Resident loses its World Assembly status.[/floatright]

2. RRS 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 shall hereby become RRS 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. All numbered references to the amended RRS sections will be updated to reflect their newly-assigned numbers.

3. The Refugia Revised Statues shall be amended with the following content:
8. Members of the Regional Council shall be granted an exemption from the Member State Requirements for the duration of their term, beginning the day they take office, and ending upon their removal from the seat.
Authored by: Chacapoya
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Regarding the new 8, I would specify it will be added under "Government Roles and Responsibilities:", as right now it can go in either that section or under "Government Accountability:".

Additionally, it may be better to give Councillors a World Assembly Exemption instead of a full one - the ways to loose an exemption are loose enough to allow for mistakes like loosing residency/WA status and thus maintain Councillor continuity. It's better to utilize already existing concepts than making a new category of exemptions, IMO.
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I think we may be looking at 3/a in a way that is different than how it has historically been looked at.
QuoteRRS 3. Member States are defined as World Assembly Residents that have resided within the Region for a period not less than seven days.

So the conditions for Member State status are:
  • Is World Assembly
  • Is a Resident
  • Has residency stat > 7
"Resident" is a term that is defined in RRS 2, as "Nations which reside within the Region, and are not barred from doing so".

While all conditions are met, the nation is a Member State and enjoys the privileges thereof. If a condition is not met or is no longer met, then they should no longer be considered to be a Member State. I think that the recent interpretation of looking at RRS 3(a) as a "these are the only circumstances whereby one can lose status" is faulty because it limits us to specific situations when we actually only care about the three criteria. So, it may be worth changing/axing both 3(a) and 3(b) to make the message more about needing all of the conditions to remain true for a Resident to maintain Member State status.