[passed] Dissolution of the Interior

Started by Luca, September 10, 2021, 11:55:21 AM

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Dissolution of the Interior

Recognising that the Councillor of the Interior seat was created by the passage of RRS 6, Definitions and Responsibilities of Regional Councillors, for the purposes of integrating new members into government,

Observing the text of RRS 6(e) to presently state:

The Councillor of the Interior, whose responsibilities are defined as facilitating Regional engagement through communication with and polling of Member States and residents.

This Councillor shall:
    i.   Broadcast announcements via telegram.

    ii.  Ensure an amicable discussion environment.

    iii. Initiate polls to facilitate Regional engagement.
Recalling, the position has existed for some eighteen months and has been populated by a Member State since its inception and into the present time, however:
    i.   Facilitation of a discussion environment has arguably not taken place by initiation or instigation from any previous Councillor.
    ii.  Few polls have ever taken place, the last of which being over a month ago.
    iii. No regional announcements have ever been dispatched.
    iv. Suppression of messages which may be considered spam, trolling, disruptive, or harassing have been few, assigned seemingly at random, or adequately addressed by other councillors.

Perceiving the prevailing interpretation of RRS 6(e) to start and end with periodically, posting welcome messages into the Regional Message Board, an elected office appears not required for such a role,

Whereas the office does not appear able to retain its occupants' attention with a responsibility as light as this,

RRS 6(e) and all of its subsections are struck from the Refugia Revised Statutes and removed from extant law.

RRS 10 shall be revised to state the following:

    10. The succession of the Arch-Administrator is subject to the succession laws of Refuge Isle, and verified by the presence of an anchor stone and Administration Tower. The Arch-Administrator will call elections for the four democratic Council seats according to the following convention:

OperationsFeb 1 - 7Jun 1 - 7Oct 1 - 7
Foreign AffairsFeb 8 - 14Jun 8 - 14Oct 8 - 14
CultureFeb 15 - 21Jun 15 - 21Oct 15 - 21
World Assembly AffairsFeb 22 - 28Jun 22 - 28Oct 22 - 28

Authored by: Refuge Isle
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I'll second this. The information should be updated to include Michelland's stats as current Interior Councillor, however. They added ten polls, but the rest of the information is still accurate. There have been two welcome messages since the beginning of October despite a significant increase in population, and still zero regional telegrams or conversational facilitation from the office.