Councillor Recall: Councillor of the Interior, Laisou

Started by Emily, September 01, 2021, 10:14:04 PM

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Calling for Recall

At major update on August 31, 2021, the nation of Laisou CTE'd. Laisou was Councillor of the Interior for Refugia at the time of his CTE, having been elected on June 28, 2021. Given his 28-day period of inactivity leading up to the CTE, as well as his disappearance from the chat, I am hereby invoking RRS 9 to call for a recall vote due to neglect.

List of Grievances:

  • CTE'd on August 31, losing Member State status.
  • Has posted only three times on the RMB since his election, last on July 16.
  • Last posted in the Calamity Refuge Discord server June 28, the day of his election.

Authored by: Sylh Alanor
Seconded by: Lethodus

To push a recall election, I am calling for another Member State to second this proposal. Also feel free to give any feedback in this thread regarding a way to make this better if necessary.


The Lordax